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    Advanced Actions will not allow you to make an animated hotspot appear at the exact spot where a learner clicks on the screen.  That functionality is built into the Hot Spot quiz question, but it's not available by default in any other area of Captivate.


    However, if you were considering using HTML5 as your output, then the CpExtra widget might be of use.

    Positioning Slide Objects | Infosemantics Pty Ltd

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    Unclamped, in 8-bit (and PrPro is always 0-255) ... the whole scale of the say RGB Parade scope jumps.


    The bottom "0" line will be down near the bottom of the scope area one instant, then pop up 20% or more up ... then down ... then even higher ... then partially down ... then to the bottom ... then way up again ... on and on.


    Clamped, the 0 and 100 reticules go to the very bottom/top of the scope window, and naturally stay there.


    As I've told the engineers at NAB, I'd prefer the "unclamped" action be to move the reticules away from the edges, and let the media fly around as it may. The main reason I use "unclamped" is to see the media trace that may be beyond the clamped 0-100 scale area. I can do that just fine without the scale itself hopping all over.



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    Can you please show us a screenshot of this issue and what you see?

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    The problem is the zoom level in the timeline. This is also controlled by the length of the comp.


    If your time display is showing timecode, hours, minutes, seconds and frames then the ruler in the timeline is in hours seconds and minutes. If you want it to just display seconds then it has to be long enough to just show the seconds or you have to zoom in on the timeline (little icon at the bottom left of the timeline that looks like big and little mountains with a slider).


    AE UI Basic knowledge that you can find in the help files.

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  • 03/11/17--22:03: Re: Won't Let Me Use Presets
  • If your AE is up to date and your system meets the minimum system requirements:

    Add a text layer.

    Find the text presets.

    Select the text layer

    Drag or double click the selected text preset.



    If that doesn't work then we have to have workflow details down to the last decimal point. A screenshot of the layer you are having problems with with all the modified properties revealed would help. Just select the layer and press the u key twice, then Print Screen and paste to the reply field on this forum. If you are using a Mac the Shift + Ctrl/Cmnd + 3 then drag from the desktop.


    Just saying something doesn't work does not give us much to go on.


    If you have not done so yet start here: Basic AE

    Lots of information here on how to use and create animation presets that can be found by using the Search Help field. I've been using AE for more than 20 years and I use Search Help all the time to see if there is anything new and to remind myself when I'm rusty...


    Search results

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    You can use the Edit Original features (learn more about it in by using the search help field at the top right corner of AE). This will keep all of your existing animation and everything will stay the same if you only change the color.


    Another option would be to use the Fill Color, Change Color or any of the other color correction tools available in AE. Without more workflow details it's hard to say what will be most efficient.

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  • 03/11/17--22:10: Re: Photoshop CS2 for free?
  • "You can't take Photoshop with you when you pass away either. "


    Could have answered with better reasoning! Mounting up of wealth cannot be compared to using something of basic necessity.


    I don't support pirated software and neither have I  come to ask for free software, if it is so, you get lot of cracks on the web, no need to waste time here. But I asked for a fare pricing.

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    @Rick, an adjustment layer is a composite of the layers beneath it, so it has all the pixels of the layers beneath it. And as described, the blending mode works after I've added a do-nothing effect to the layer, which does not affect the content of the layer (ie, doesn't add "pixels" to it).

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    ae cc 2017 was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b) . this is showing when i try to launch application.its a trial version. does anyone have a solution?

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  • 03/11/17--21:07: AE CS6 audio sync gets lost
  • Still using CS6 because I like it. Never had a problem and still don't with most of my cameras. But I just started using a Sony DSC-H70 in 720p and when I try to edit these files in AE, the audio sync gets lost.immediately. This is NOT audio slipping slightly after a while. The audio simply doesn't get cut unlike the video does. I go back to another camera and it works fine again. The camera puts out 720p video in a MP4 shell. I don't know what type of audio file it includes. The computer is a fast Intel Q9300 on an Asus board running Win 7 (64bit).. Lots of memory, but it's not the computer. It's something about this little Sony camera.

    What could be causing this? Any response will be appreciated!

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    Hi All


    I recently provided logos to a client and for the first time, the trans PNG files are coming up with black backgrounds for them (not transparent).


    They are on PCs. When they attach the file to me, it comes up as transparent on my Mac.


    I exported using the Asset Export panel, selecting PNG and background colour 'transparent'.


    Help, i'm stumped!

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    Managed to find and apply the noise filer. All sorted.

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    You mean like so?


    Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 08.18.20.png


    Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 08.18.08.png


    Regular state:


    Rollover state:


    Non Empty state:


    Oh look. It has – once again – moved down by one pixel.

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    I just got a new laptop today, and signed in with my lightroom account info...but all of my presets that I made and bought are missing, like I'm starting over from do I get them to transfer onto my new laptop?? I assumed they would go wherever I logged into?!

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    Amen bro.

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    Not that I don't know Excel, but the spreadsheet I'm trying to create would take years to format correctly.  I found a free program online that sets it up for me and returns a .pdf of the spreadsheet. Yay, time saved.  Except the .pdf returned has one column on an extra page.  No biggie, I can crop and line up the sheet in photoshop so everything's on one page, right?  The first several pages worked that way just fine.  After that, when I cropped the pages, they didn't line up.  The extra line was quite a few rows taller than the main chart.  There are the same number of cells on each side, but one has clearly been resized.  I tried to manually resize one side, but as soon as I merge the layers it reverts back to being uneven.  What am I doing differently/wrong?

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    I'm having this same issue, freezing when I try to select text, but it only just started happening today. Never before in the years I've been using Id CC has this happened to me.


    I don't have ANY plugins or font utilities installed. I *am* using an installed typeface called Crimson Text but this happens even if I change fonts.


    Also I've tried expanding my text boxes to make sure there is no overset text and it still happens.


    Also I don't have any extra profiles set up.


    Was there ever a definite cause determined and/or a definite fix? This is absolutely crippling me right now at a time that I really can't afford for this to be happening.

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    This is not an answer to your question, but why you chose Photoshop to fix a PDF by cropping extra column, what will you be saving cropped page as?

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    i have the exact same issue. I have a full membership including 20 GB of storage, but my lightroom CC desktop app will not sign in. So no photo albums can be synced.

    i have tried to log out og Creative Cloud, makes sure that my payment method are up to date, deleted cache files etc. nothing seems to work. Please help here Adobe support!


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    Hi ,,, Yup it's perfectly possible in Prelude.


    You need to use TAG Template feature.


    Read more about it here :

    Handling Metadata for a big project


    Should you have any confusion around this, throw it here. We would love to help.

    Customers' feedback is v important for us. Keep writing in case of any confusion.




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